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The Fordingbridge & District Community Association is a charitable organisation which manages and maintains the Avonway Community Centre where there are a range of rooms used by more than 40 community groups and charities where everyone can learn, have fun, meet new people and keep fit.

The Centre hosts two luncheon clubs for older residents, runs a youth club for 8-13 year olds, and publishes The Gate, a local interest magazine.  It owns and operates the Fordingbridge Community Minibus; acts as the Prepared Rest Centre in case of a local emergency and houses both the independently run Stepping Stone Preschool and the British Red Cross Fordingbridge Mobility Aids Facility.



Annual General Meeting

For most people Avonway is a bit like the internet - no idea how it works, just grateful it's there when wanted.  But Avonway - and the internet - only work because people put time and effort into making them work.

Avonway is run by the Fordingbridge & District Community Association and is a membership organisation, which gives us charitable status with good tax breaks.  Once a year at the AGM the members elect Officers and Trustees, all of whom are volunteers, to run the organisation.  At the AGM the Chairman reports to members on past and future activity and members can have their say.

In March there is a Council meeting of all Trustees which elects an Executive Committee from among its members; there is at least one further Council meeting, usually in October, at which a further exchange of information and views can take place.  The Executive Committee meets six times a year and deals with day to day running of Avonway.

The Annual General Meeting of the F&DCA will take place on Monday 23 March 2015 at Avonway Community Centre starting at 7.00pm  If you are a member (aka Friend) of Avonway, or would like to be, or if you value Avonway as the heart of an active community, please come and joint us at the AGM and help make Avonway even better.

Have you joined/renewed your membership of... The Friends of Avonway and the Avonway 100 club? Being a Friend of Avonway keeps you up-to-date via regular copies of the Avonway News Bulletin and gives you a chance to have your say about what happens in the Community Centre for just £6 a year. The Avonway 100 club costs £12 for 12 chances to win a £25, £10 or £5 return. Next time you are at Avonway in the morning, why don't you pop into the office and join both?



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