Avonway Community Centre
36 Shaftesbury Street, Fordingbridge, Hampshire SP6 1JF
Telephone: 01425 652706 Email: enquiries@avonway.org

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You may only know Avonway as a place to do an exercise class or buy a cake at the country market, but it's much is much more than that. For example it also:

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Avonway wouldn't be there at all if it wasn't for the thousands of hours of volunteer labour given each year to keep the building sound and organise the activities. Yes, there are part time paid staff - all of whom give extra time voluntarily - but the bulk of the administration, organisation, and even building maintenance are done by the volunteers who are officers and members of the Fordingbridge & District Community Association (F&DCA).

What Could You Do? Why not become a Member of Avonway? It is FREE and you will know that you are supporting a valuable local resource; and as a member of the Association you are entitled to:

So please fill in and sign the Application Form and return it to the office at Avonway.