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Terms & Conditions for Hiring Rooms

The Current Room Hire Charges [and their accompanying notes] for the Fordingbridge & District Community Association (The Association) form part of these Terms & Conditions.

  1. Bookings: The Association reserves the right to refuse or to vary a booking without stating reasons, although strenuous efforts will be made to give adequate notice of any changes
  2. Fire Safety: All users of The Association's premises should be aware of the fire safety arrangements; and keep a register of those for whom they are responsible ensuring that they, too, are aware of the arrangements
    1. It is the responsibility of the room hirers to ensure that the fire exits are left clear at all times
    2. It is illegal to smoke anywhere on the premises
  3. Security: The Association does not have a full time manager or caretaker, therefore:
    1. All users, particularly parents/guardians of young users & those responsible for vulnerable adults, need to be aware that there is minimal control over who may enter or leave Avonway.
    2. Out of office hours [weekday mornings] the doors are locked to improve safety and security for users—but anyone inside the buildings is able to get out at any time. Hirers will, if necessary, be issued with an electronic key to enter the appropriate building(s). This key is to be returned after the hiring period. If the key is lost or mislaid, The Association must be promptly notified so that the key can be de-activated.
  4. Self Help: The Association is a "self help" organisation. Therefore it is the responsibility of the room hirers to ensure that at the end of the hire period:
    1. The rooms are left in a clean & tidy state; with tables & chairs put away after use. Note that for safety reasons chairs should be stacked facing the walls, with no more than six chairs in a stack
    2. Heaters, lights, & taps are turned off; and, if used, the dishwasher & cookers are emptied & turned off
    3. Personal property is put away in a hired cupboard, or taken off the premises. If they are the final group to leave the building they should check that the building is empty and that all external doors & windows are closed & latched
  5. Young Persons & Vulnerable Adults: All activities involving young persons & vulnerable adults need to be supervised by sufficient numbers of appropriately qualified adults. For those hirings which are not private parties or functions:
    1. The Association's Manager must be provided with copies of all of the hirer's appropriate policies, procedures & risk assessments for reasons of duty of care, and for health & safety
    2. The group leader(s) must ensure that supervising adults are made aware of all relevant policies & procedures.For those hirings which are private parties or functions, the booking must be accompanied by notification in writing that suitable numbers of responsible adults will be in attendance throughout the hiring.The Association only accepts bookings from adults over the age of eighteen
  6. Our Environment: All users of The Association are requested to be considerate of other users, and of our neighbours — especially when leaving the premises late in the evening. Public address systems, amplified music or other noisy activities should not be so loud as to unreasonably disturb other users or our neighbours. The Association reserves the right to reduce or terminate any excessive noise
  7. Computer Suite: No food or drink may be taken into the Computer Suite.
  8. Liability: Neither The Association nor any of its Servants or Agents will be held liable to any person or organisation for any damage, whatever the cause [including negligence], to:
    1. Any person. Hirers are advised to ensure that they have adequate insurance cover for their attendees undertaking any activities that could result in personal injury to themselves or to third parties
    2. Any property left or stored at The Association's premises. Hirers are advised to ensure that they have adequate insurance cover for any property which is stored on The Association's premises, but is not the property of The Association.
    3. Any vehicles of any description left or parked on The Association's premises.
  9. Alcohol: Bookings for the bar facilities are subject to approval by The Association's Licensee. If alcohol is to be served at any hiring [except at a private party for which no charge is made either for admission or for alcoholic drinks], then this must be provided under the auspices of The Association's Licensee; or the event must have a TEN licence [Temporary Event Notice]. Because the law strictly limits the number of TEN licensed events that may be held each year at Avonway, hirers wishing to apply for a TEN licence must seek prior approval from The Association. The bar operates an 'over 21' policy.