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1. Children & Vulnerable Adults Protection Policy
Summary: All children, young people and adults have an absolute right to be safe from harm. The Fordingbridge & District Community Association recognises its duty of care and will take all necessary steps to ensure that everyone with whom it works is enabled to be emotionally and physically safe.

2. Complaints Procedure
Summary: Volunteers & users with a grievance relating to their treatment that involves F&DCA personnel or premises, or other users of the F&DCA premises, can use this procedure to help resolve their grievances as quickly and fairly as possible.

3. Disciplinary Procedure
Summary: The purpose of the disciplinary procedure is to encourage improvement in individual conduct and performance and to ensure that the standards established by the F&DCA's rules are maintained and that any alleged failure to observe the Association's rules is fairly dealt with.

4. Disclosure of Information Policy
Summary: The Association uses the Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure service to help assess the suitability of applicants for positions of trust. This policy explains the correct handling, use, storage, retention and disposal of that information.

5. Equal Opportunities Policy
Summary: The Association recognizes that where direct or indirect discrimination occurs within the F&DCA, it is both morally & legally unacceptable, as well as being in direct contradiction of the Association's constitutional commitment to serve the whole community.

6. Financial Reserves Policy
Summary: The Management Committee of the Fordingbridge & District Community Association, being mindful of their obligations as a designated Emergency Centre, and to ensure the continuity of services to the community in the event of unforeseen disruptions, maintain a reserve policy as a matter of prudent financial planning.

7. Grievance Procedure
Summary: It is the Association's policy to ensure that employees with a grievance relating to their employment can use a procedure that can help to resolve grievances as quickly and fairly as possible.

8. Health Safety Policy
Health Safety Policy Appendix A
Health Safety Policy Appendix B
Health Safety Policy Appendix C
Health Safety Policy Appendix D
Health Safety Policy Appendix E
Incident Report Form
These days many of us feel that Health & Safety is increasingly associated with under-employed petty bureaucrats thinking up ever more improbable situations in an effort to stop normal people going about their daily business or having fun. However, despite this, we should not lose sight of the fact that Health & Safety is important to us all. These policies are about how to take reasonable precautions to reduce risk, and what to do if something unfortunately does go wrong. So please don't dismiss them out of hand.

9. Lone Working Policy
Summary: Because of the small size of the Association, there will be times when staff or volunteers will be alone in the Association's premises. It is the Association's policy that they adopt a safe working approach...

10. Noise Management Policy
Summary: The Association, being mindful of their statutory duty to control excess noise from licensed premises, strives to maintain high standards and levels of professionalism ... to protect neighbours from unacceptable levels of noise.

11. Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy
Summary: The Association undertakes to treat all applicants for positions fairly. It undertakes not to discriminate unfairly against any subject of a disclosure on the basis of conviction or other information revealed in a CRB check.