Avonway Community Centre
36 Shaftesbury Street, Fordingbridge, Hampshire SP6 1JF
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First Impressions

It is said that first impressions are really important; you sell the house or get a job within the first five minutes of contact. For the last ten years we have been steadily improving Avonway, but our first impression has been of a drab and messy entrance area.

Now, thanks to the efforts of our wonderful social fundraising committee under the leadership of Maureen Burt, and a massive input from Fordingbridge Rotary, we have been able to create a really good first impression. Maureen and her team have been beavering away for years, creating enjoyable social events, which gradually built up funds to transform the entrance area. However, even their Herculean efforts would not have been enough to achieve what we have without the input from Fordingbridge Rotary.  

So far Rotarians have put in around 240 hours of work on this and other current remedial work to improve Avonway, and Iain Kidson, our project manager, is inundated with offers to complete the further 120 hours he estimates are needed. Had we paid for this work, not just labouring but skilled trades as well, it would probably have cost us between £7,500 and £9,000, and it would have taken us years to raise the additional funding. A huge “thank you” to Iain and all involved.