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Description of the Minibus

The Fordingbridge and District Community Association (F&DCA) owns and manages an accessible Community Minibus. The vehicle is in regular use on Tuesdays and Thursdays but is available for hire by community groups in Fordingbridge and the surrounding districts at other times. The priority is to cater for the needs of organizations or groups dealing with the elderly and/or infirm, but applications from other community groups will be considered.  It is not the intention of the F&DCA that this Minibus should take trade away from local businesses so if a conventional carrier can meet your transport needs, please first seek their services.

The vehicle can carry up to 15 passengers in normal seating mode, or some seats can be removed to accommodate up to three wheelchairs, with access via a lift. The vehicle has climate control and is spacious and comfortable with secure fixings for wheelchairs and a range of other safety equipment.

The minibus hire charges are based on mileage used and are at competitive rates for this type of vehicle.

Hiring the Minibus

A full description of the procedure for hiring the Minibus, together with other relevant documents, can be obtained from the Avonway office
Minibus Committee

  Chairman & Vehicle Co-ordinator  
  Vice Chairman & Vehicle Manager Ian Newman
  Deputy Vehicle Coordinator Peter Adams
  Treasurer Colin Knapman
  Secretary Janet Brown